We opened in 1995 and we were the first true Italian Street Café in Newcastle. Since then we have been family run and have employed many members of our family.


From the start we have served traditional Sardinian foods like Malloreddus and Fregola or wines like Vermentino and Cannonau. But we’ve never stopped innovating, importing specialist breads like Pane Carasao and wines like Carignano, to make exciting and innovative Sardinian themed dishes.

Try our Tapas or Bottarga con Spaghetti for an authentic taste of Sardinia, combing the rustic comfort and warmth of our sun-glazed islands with the refreshing coolness of the deep blue seas she nestles in. Packed with natural flavours and fragrances, it’s like a life-affirming evening on the Costa Verde – Arbus.

We hope to take you away from today’s hectic lifestyle and offer you the chance to linger over dishes that use the finest and freshest ingredients, imported directly from Italy or from locally-sourced suppliers.

Enjoy a relaxed meal in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by the informal buzz of a continental restaurant.

It is as authentically Italian as you can get without going to Italy.

Roberto & Walter